Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Norma Wilson Original Oil Tabby Cat Painting Art

6" by 6" original oil on wrap around canvas with sides painted.

Once agian I have been inspired by my cat, Rusty, who is a grey tabby. Every now and then I see the sun hitting her in one of her zen poses and I am quick enough to grap my camera and capture the moment. Then I use that as my inspiration to put paint to canvas. This one is done with lots of thick, lucious, brush strokes. I love to apply the paint thickly and move it around creating lots of texture and interest. Hope you find it interesting too! My love of painting cats began several years ago when I had a studio at The Artist's Gallery in Virginia Beach. Every year they have a cat show which everyone kept going on and on about and I really didn't
"get it". I did enter a couple of paintings and that night, I was amazed. It was the biggest show of the year with wall to wall cat lovers...may of whom were adorned with cat pins, hats, tails, t-shirts, etc. The local animal shelter brought adorable kittens and the paintings were flying off the walls. It was then that I learned that cat lovers are a VERY enthusiastic, loyal, and fun group. A portion of the sales went to the shelter and the kittens found new homes, and many of the paintings found new homes as well.
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