Monday, December 08, 2008

Norma Wilson Original Acrylic Pansy Floral Still Life

6" by 12" original acrylic on canvas board

Hope it was a good productive Monday for you. Mine started slowly but got in high gear and I feel good about all I accomplished. My house looks so Christmasy from the other night so that was very inspiring. I shipped out a few paintings, one to Canada so I had to go to the post office. Lots of laundry was done in between and I even made up a batch of friend chicken which pleased the teenage crowd. This painting was done a couple of weeks ago when I was teaching at Harbor's edge. I did a demonstration and had picked these flowers out of my own garden on the way out to the car. Sometimes the last minute inspirations are the most fun. I love the contrast of the colors of the vase and pansies against the neutrals of the background. Hope you like it too! Hope you are taking time to smell the roses or pansies in this case as the season gets in high gear. :-) One of my students is a master gardener and loves the smell of pansies!
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