Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Norma Wilson Original Oil Irish Cottages Landscape Art

Kerry Cottages By The Sea

12" by 16" original oil on wrap around canvas with sides painted.

What fun I had today working on this piece! I love working with a palette knife and lots of paint and this subject is of a scene from one of my favorite places....Ireland! My mother is from this beautiful place so I grew up with Celtic music, corn beef and cabbage, and wonderful summers romping around the seaside with my cousins. It was like a dream for this city girl who grew up in Philadelphia surrounded by row houses and concrete! It was like stepping back in time and still is as I experienced a couple of years ago in Valentia with my friends on a painting workshop. If you stood on this road long enough, I am sure a herd of cattle would come by on their way to the field above and a farmer on a tractor coming up behind.

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