Saturday, May 30, 2009

White Lab In Oil

Heart Strings

I just decided to name this heart strings because every time I paint a portrait of a sweet
animal such as this one, I feel my heart strings being pulled and feel such joy!!! I must admit
that labs are a special favorite as my grandpuppies, Brewsky and Jet, are both labs but I have
felt the same doing bull dogs, Yorkies, German Shepherds, Westies, Dalmations, cats of all kinds,
mutts, etc. They all are wonderful!!! This painting will probably be going to one of my galleries
but if it touches your heart strings me at! It is 12" by 12" on
wrap around canvas with sides painted making framing optional. Hope you are enjoying this
wonderful weekend.....I am off to the beach in a couple of hours. This piece is going to my gallery in Richmond. If you are interested in a custom pet portrait, let me know or stop in to view this one at Gallery 5800 on Grove Ave.

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