Monday, June 15, 2009

Norma Wilson Original Oil Little Chick A Dee!

My Little Chick A Dee!

This might date me a little but I remember W.C Fields saying this line in an old time movie! He of course, was not addressing a baby chick! I began this little chick awhile back and put it aside for a bit....the jury is still out on if it is finished or not...might tweek it a bit tomorrow.
Today was very productive on the home front which began with cleaning out the frig by taking everything out and washing all the shelves and then going to the store and stocking up a bit. Andrew is out of school and I wanted to get in some groceries. It
just astounds me how much teenage boys eat...especially after a day
at the beach! I also managed to get some windows cleaned, ride my
bike and paint! I really don't see myself cleaning those brushes though..
where are those elves when you need them??? Think I will go get a snack
and call it a day. If you are interested in this piece, e-mail me at

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