Sunday, December 06, 2009

Norma Wilson Cow Cattle Painting Art SOLD

Valentia Irish Gal  SOLD

12" by 12" original oil on wrap around canvas with sides painted.

Lately I have been asked quite a bit if I was raised on a farm! The truth is that I am quite the opposite...a city girl raised in an industrial town in East Philadelphia in a row house surrounded by concrete, cyclone fences, buses, cars and even the elevated train! No cows, sheep, fox, rabbits, etc. I was not even allowed to have my first dog until I was 14. That sure was fun...until she bonded completely with my Dad...who never wanted to get a dog!! My mother had been raised in Waterford, Ireland and I was fortunate to be able to visit as a child and later as an adult and every time, I felt myself drawn to every kind of animal and the tranquility I felt surrounded by greenery and hillsides dotted with cows and sheep. I even made a trip to a pig farm while visiting my uncle in England! There I was in my geeky city dress, knobby knees, and heels holding two little piglets with the biggest smile on my face! Another time I rode English style on a horse which was such a dream of mine as a child. I used to dream I had one in my garage. I am not sure if I would have survived living on a farm....I do like to snooze in :-) but those trips to Ireland really left their mark on me and I love recreating that experience when I paint. Those cows and sheep seem to be so connected to the earth and to nature. I hope I convey some of that in my paintings! For more information about this painting or other available works, please contact me at

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