Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gallery's Open, Come On In!

Gallery's Open, Come On In!

5" by 7" original oil on wrap around canvas with sides painted.

This painting is a lovely little gallery that we passed in Savannah and thought
it would make a nice study.  I loved all the color of the art that beckoned us
to stop in and see more!  It has been a busy studio weekend working on this
and a couple of other pieces.  I will be working on some boats from my trip this
week so keep checking back.  If you would like to receive daily blog updates
each day, you can sign up in the box to your left.  Also, I just added a new
page to my blog with information about purchasing my paintings. The link is
located up at the top of my blog above my picture.  I would love to have your
feedback on anything else you would like to see added.  Tomorrow I will be
working on a page of available paintings to make it easier than going through
old blog posts!  I love to receive comments and really appreciate it when you
take the time to do so!

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Carmel Georgescu said...

Beautiful paintings!

Roxanne Steed said...

ooh!! What a lovely place! I'm really loving this recent series from Savannah!!!

Nancy Medina said...

This is charming Norma - the gallery reminds me of some of those I saw when I was visiting Portsmouth with a friend. Have a wonderful, painterly day!

Norma Wilson said...

Thank you...I am excited to work on more Savannah paintings today and a cow, of course!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

This is a fun piece and the place looks very inviting.

Sorry to hear the squirrels got your tomatoes! Bummer. Maybe you can pick them a little on the green side and take them in the house.... works for ant avoidance too.

Norma Wilson said...

Thanks Diana...for the compliment and for the suggeston about the tomatoes. They seem to like red juicy tomatoes and just when I go to pick them...they have paid a visit!:-)