Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cows, Monkeys, and Taxes.....

Ever had a monkey on your back and feared this monkey had been on your back so long and was so dug into you...that you might never find a way to again walk tall and monkey free???  Well, as I have shared, I have made great strides removing a couple of persistent monkeys from my shoulders....they are very broad and felt a bit lighter for awhile but I am not free yet!!!  This task is little when you actually deal with it on a regular basis. It  is my sales and use tax for the biz.  I was going to do my next painting challenge today but decided that extreme measures were necessary...I would have to work through the day and night if necessary to get on top of this monkey and pry it free once and for all.  It has involved several chats with online operators and a fax with my amended mistakes, etc but I will prevail!!! I will no longer buy my own $%$# that says that I can't figure out this stuff.
    I am excited to share this painting with of my favorite subjects!
Hope your day has been monkey free or at least that you are getting the upper hand in your monkey war!  Maybe I should think about painting a monkey....

24" by 30" on gallery wrap canvas with 1and a half inch sides.

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Roxanne Steed said...

oy, I need to finish dealing with some of the same monkeys here, too! monkeys & snow! ugh!