Monday, March 28, 2011

All Creatures Great And Small


All Creatures Great And Small

      Ever felt like you needed a weekend to recover from your weekend?  I do...what a busy but productive couple of days!  I have been working on a home project that began as just a dining room re-do and warped into my entryway, dining room, and upstairs hall.  Next comes the living room!  I wanted to paint a nice neutral color to freshen things up and chose a classic gray.  Of course, once I moulding started to look very dingy....and the wallpaper in the kitchen needs to come down.  I'm tired and achy but I did a good job!
     I am excited to have a full week ahead.  I will be painting more birds for the Virginia Beach Garden Tour.  I have been asked to do a display of my birds for this years tour on April 20th.  They will be holding it at the Cavalier Golf and Yacht Club.  It promises to be a beautiful venue and a wonderful tour of homes and gardens in Birdneck Point.
     The gallery that represents me in Richmond, Gallery 5800, is having their largest show of the year on Friday and will have my work displayed on one of
their walls so I will be preparing my paintings for that as well.  
     Next month, the Artists Gallery, in Virginia Beach will be having their Inspiring Places, Vistas, and Spaces show and have used my seascape painting for their postcard!  So....I will be painting another piece for that show and getting frames for the ones I have already.  I hope to see you at these events if you live near by!  Have a fabulous week!  

Some of the paintings displayed in this collage are sold and some are available and can be seen by clicking on the available works link at the top of my blog. :-)

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Roxanne Steed said...

Sounds like lots of great shows coming up!!! The birdies at the Cavalier - should be great! I'll bet the AG postcard is lovely, too!!