Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Angus Commission SOLD

16" by 16" original oil on gallery wrap canvas

Wow....another week that is speeding by!  I have been really busy working on some marketing after another incredible session with Leslie Saeta.  She offers two hour phone consultations after spending hours going through your goals, blog, and web site and give great feedback and suggestions.  I highly recommend her! She is not only a wonderful artist, radio host, and workshop teacher....but is a marketing whiz!  One thing I have been doing is finding all my old Like it buttons that I had on my posts that were not set up correctly. They are supposed to start over with each new post and mine just kept adding up from one post to the other...can't replace it until I find all the old ones.  Not such an easy task with a zillion blog posts that have been cut and pasted to two other blogs in addition to this one.
    I will be taking tomorrow off from painting and marketing to deliver about forty paintings to Gallery 5800
up in Richmond.  They will be having their biggest show this month and the opening is Friday night starting at 5:50 and goes to 8:30.  I am excited to have a whole wall to myself for this show.  If you live nearby, I hope
you will stop in to see the show!
    Next week, I will be focusing on works for the Virginia Beach Garden Tour.  I will put more about these events in my event section.  I would love to have suggestions for some birds to paint.  I hope you have a great Thursday!

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Roxanne Steed said...

Awesome news about the Richmond Gallery- 40paintings!!! whew! You've been busy!