Sunday, March 20, 2011

Along The Coast

Along The Coast
6" by 6" original oil on panel

     This piece was done on Friday during my time spent with my friend, Scott London.  H worked on some coy fish and I worked from a tropical island which really was only a jumping off point and what I ended up with almost a bit abstracted.  I enjoyed it!  This weekend has been busy working on my entryway and dining room, priming it and getting ready to paint the both a classic gray.  I think I will enjoy the change and then I will want to work on the moulding and baseboards.  I am thinking of super white for them.  For years moving to new duty stations with the military, I couldn't wait to be somewhere permanently so I could my walls in bright colors.  Now, I am wanting to do everything neutral! I guess because I spend my days with all kinds of colors...I just want soothing and simple on my walls.  
     Well, I really had some wonderful response to my request to pick a name for my last post.  I chose an entry by Brenda, who sent in Looking For Green Pastures.  I also want to thank Jerry who suggested Brown Velvet, Pat for, Beauty At The Least, Sharon, for Pretty In Pink, Claudia for, Five a.m Is Mighty Early, Morna for, Sweet Thing, Barb for Brown Velvet also and Bessie.  Luanne suggested Sweet Georgia or Brown Eyed Girl, MaryAnn for Helga, and Sonny suggested,Stormy. As you can see by all the really creative, and thoughtful names....I couldn't pick!  So I went to and let them pick a number that corresponded to a list of all the names.  I REALLY would love to keep these titles and use for future use. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  It is so much fun to hear from everyone.  Hope you have had a fabulous weekend!  To show my appreciation....I am offering 10 percent off of any painting to these wonderful ladies who sent in names!  Also, remember if you have not signed up to receive my newsletter and daily blog posts to your will be entered monthly for a free painting giveaway!   

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