Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dreaming Of Green Pastures SOLD

Dreaming of Green Pastures


12" by 12" original oil on archival panel

I decided to try a new paint color by Lukas yesterday.  It is turquoise and really love the mix of cobalt blue and turquoise in the background.  This cow is looking for a name if anyone can help me think of one!  I usually post at the end of the evening after painting in my studio and sometimes my brain is fried! This is one of those nights so any help is greatly appreciated!  This one will be going to my gallery unless she finds a good home before next week.

I also want  to introduce you to my green eyed studio friend, named Rusty. Yes, I named her...probably when I was tired but she is only 5 and a half pounds and oh so sweet!  She is twelve years young and for most of her life she has had teenagers around to hang out with and I didn't see her that often.  Since my last one flew the coop...she is my new best friend.  At night she drapes herself across my lap and arms as I type.  Occasionally she walks through oil paint and tries to make her own paw paintings...not usually on canvas. She has been my model for more paintings than I can count.  She has won awards and is part of many collectors homes.  She just has that kind of face! :-)  

Hope you have a great Friday!  I got started painting my dining room so I know what I will be doing
this weekend!  Thank you for stopping by!

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Roxanne Steed said...

Okay, well I was just coming to comment to say how good it is to see Rusty....and then a title popped into my head, "Moooove a little closer" (like Rusty does now that the boys are gone from the house!). hehe- nice that our pets can help us think! Another lovely cow, btw!!

Jerry Stocks said...
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Jerry Stocks said...

Norma, I left a comment yesterday. Wonder why it did not show up. I named the painting, "Miss Brown Velvet" due to the softness of her coat and her brown eyes. Guess you wonder why I sent you the email about Brown Velvet. I hope this gets posted.

Norma Wilson said...

Hi Roxanne....great name! I will have to put the many suggestions in a hat again and draw a name as I like a bunch of them! Thank you for your input.

Norma Wilson said...

Hi Jerry...really love your name suggestion. I will pick one and post this evening! Thank you for your suggestion. Hope you have a great weekend!

Claudia Finn said...

5 am is mighty early
is my title suggestion:0
what color is the dining room,?