Friday, May 13, 2011

Swan Up Close

So Demure!
5" by 7" on gallery wrap canvas

Yeah, it's the weekend!  I'm so excited to have all my boys here for the weekend.  Had a great day of painting today.  I spent the morning painting with Scott London, of London Square Gallery.  I worked on a large elephant painting that I had such fun doing and it is almost finished.  I hope to post it tomorrow.  I am exhausted after working on it!  Hope you have a great Saturday!  Contact me at if you have any questions for me...oh, I would have posted this yesterday but blogger was down.  I had fixed the size of two photographs on the side of my blog and now they are too big again!  I think they must have returned all the blogs to a previous time before I had made the changes....too tired tonight to fix them.  Nite nite.

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