Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Field Of Dreams

Field Of Dreams
9" by 12"

   Happy First Day Of Summer!  I realized that today as I was out on my bike ride admiring all the gardens  
in my neighborhood and feeling grateful to live where I do and to be out enjoying such a beautiful day!  The air smelled like summer when I was a child when the school year ended and I felt that great taste of freedom from books and teachers and the lazy days stretched out ahead of me!!  It isn't quite like that now but I do get to come home and water my own garden and head to my studio to do what I love to do.  I have had a wonderful week of finding homes for my paintings.  Over a dozen pieces will be making their way to different parts of the country.  Yeah!  Thank you all!  What does the first day of summer mean to you? Icy Pops?  Swimming Pools?  Barbecues? Lightening Bugs? Water hoses? Fire Hydrants? ....that is the city girl coming out in me.  The smell of suntan lotion? Staying up late and sleeping in?? Going fishing?
Trips to the beach?? Late night walks on the boardwalk? The penny arcade? Ferris Wheels? Cotton candy?
Riding the Waves? 

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