Monday, June 20, 2011

Miss Magpie

Miss Magpie
6" by 6" original oil on panel

   Hope you all had a good weekend.  I did quite a bit of work but also relaxed and watched some good movies.  It was good to get back in my studio today after a great bike ride and planting some more flowers in the garden.  Right after I got them in the ground we had a nice light rain.  This is my first magpie painting.  It started out to be a crow but I decided to make it a magpie.  I just read a bunch about them.  I guess they can be found in the western U.S. and also in England, Ireland, and Scotland.  There is some question now if the ones found in the U.S. might not be a different species.  Here is a video of a bird who was rescued and released and returns to his rescuers home daily and sings a song!  Wonder if it is a song of gratitude.  I had put a bird feeder in a crepe Myrtle tree that is under my studio window thinking that it would be fun to look out and watch and the squirrels knocked it over and eventually found the sunflower seeds on my screen porch....came in and was eating them and then when we removed him, he returned and gnawed his we through my screen because he still smelled them.  Guess I should have been better about cleaning up the empty shells!  Please contact me if you have any questions about my paintings.  Have a wonderful day!  

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