Friday, June 03, 2011

Sunflowers In My Window!

Sunflowers In My Window!
4.5" by 5.5" on illustration board
Comes with a white double mat that makes it
8" by 10"

It is almost midnight and I am still in my studio trying to wrap things up.  I did my first video demonstration today and the difficulty was not in doing it but uploading it and trying to figure out how to configure it and get it uploaded into a format that I can put on my blog and youtube.  I don't have any narrative but would like to add music.  My head hurts from thinking about it all so I think I shall get a good nights sleep and think about it tomorrow!  It was terribly fun to do and I feel a great sense of accomplishment in doing it.  It is something I have wanted to do for about a year now!  Hope your day was filled with fun and that you had a sense of accomplishment too!  

I wanted to share my studio transformation that I wrote about a few posts ago.  Thanks so the efforts of my good friend Lena who is an organizing genius!






Jerry Stocks said...

Love the elephant painting and your studio looks fantastic. I'm in the midst of trying to get mine organized and have not been very successful thus far. You have inspired me.

Roxanne Steed said...

Wow- and WOW!! You've been busy! I like these new small works you're offering! and the studio space! omg- you are inspiring!! :-)

Norma Wilson said...

Hi Jerry...thanks for your comment! I can't believe what a difference my
newly organized studio has made! Happy Painting!

Norma Wilson said...

Thanks Roxanne! I have to credit my
friend Lena who is the best organizer and keeps me focused!

Roxanne Steed said...

I was thinking how good it would be for you & Lena to drive up for a visit!! (I could sure use some advice in the studio now, too). I think I need a major- organizing/clean-out day!