Thursday, July 14, 2011

Seeing a Ghost!

Seeing A Ghost
5" by 7" original oil on panel


   These little Ghost Crabs are not always visible.  Hence, the name, I guess.  I told my friend, Barbara, that I wanted to paint a little crab that I'd seen at the beach and she recounted a story of a trip to the beach with her daughter where she threw out a Dorito and out came the little crab to pick up the chip and ran off!  They decided to try this again and learned each time they were quick to retrieve them.  She said she had a picture of one of the crabs and was very sweet to bring it to one of our painting sessions for me to paint.  It was fun to do and a a first for this type of crab.  
   Once again, I had a great response of names for yesterday's unnamed post.  The name that was chosen using is Precious Pearl!  Thank you to Sharon Hanson for the wonderful suggestion!  Some of the other names were Resi, Alma, Susi, Berta, and  Elsa sent in from Angelika, Moo...talking to me? from Sean, Snowflake from Barb, Daisy Moo from Rita, Sweetpea from Luanne, Ellie from an unnamed source :-), and last but not lease, Lily, from Barbara.  All lovely names and I hope I can "borrow" one of these names for future paintings.  I just worked on a British cow today after hearing from a reader that she would like to see me painting one and that will show up in the next week!  So to all of you....thanks for putting on all your thinking caps and sharing the fun!

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