Monday, December 05, 2011

SOLD All Mine

12" by 12" original oil

Tonight's post is one that I have shared before and she is one of my favorites.  She kind of fell off the brush out of my memory and time spent painting cow portraits and had such a sweet and dreamy quality about her.  She seems like she is enjoying her time in the late afternoon pasture and glances at us with a curious gaze.  
I had fully intended to paint today but it was truly a "Monday" that gives Monday's a bad name with each task coming up against some obstacle and a killer headache to boot.  When I look back, I did ship paintings, calendars, did computer work, took Bailee for walks, laundry and all that good stuff but it felt like I was on a hamster wheel all day!  As I write, I realize that I think that my expectations are the problem.  I want to accomplish incredible feats all day every day!   Some day's feel like that and some days feel like today.  I will be glad to lay my head down tonight!  Such if life.   And it is the season to be jolly!  Hope your day was a good one.  Thank you for stopping by to visit!  I am so happy to have a reason to get back to my easel tomorrow!

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