Tuesday, December 27, 2011

SOLD Molly

12 by 12 original oil on canvas


Finally!!  I can share my commissions that I was working on before
Christmas.  This is Molly 95 percent finished.  I forgot to take a final picture of her! :-(  I think I will be getting one from her owner soon.  I actually did two of
this sweet little girl so I will share that tomorrow.  She looks like she is being really good in anticipation of a treat!  
How were your holidays?  I had a wonderful time having all three of my boys at home and my grand puppies too.  We went to the beach on Christmas Day and it was beautiful!  The labs went swimming as usual and brought a red football in together over and over and had a great time.  We also went to see Mission Impossible which was really good!  I am excited to get back to painting this week and have a new student starting on Thursday.  This month, I will be in three local shows so I will be covered in paint as I get ready for them!  Hope you have a wonderful week!  Let me know if you have a special pet who you would like to have painted!

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