Friday, December 30, 2011

Red Tanager

Red Tanager
6" by 6" acrylic original

This morning I am at Starbucks.  Just love working on my computer here.  I wasn't planning on it but as I was setting up my coffee maker this morning, I heard a loud explosion.  We do live in a military area so I was not too alarmed but then realized that I didn't have any electricity.  Any excuse is better than none so I headed down here and my neighbor texted me an said they already came out and fixed it.  It was something up in the pole across the street.  
I worked on this bird as a demonstration for a lovely lady who wanted some tips on color.  She does beautiful murals and interior design!  I was amazed at how much she does as well as raising young children.  Even makes her own wallpaper!  Anyway, it was a delight to meet her and be inspired by her creativity! I love these red tanagers and and enjoyed working with acrylics again.  Just sold the acrylic cow at the beach!  Have a wonderful day as you get ready to ring in the New Year!  Thank you as always for your wonderful support and comments!

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