Wednesday, January 25, 2012

SOLD #23 Be My Valentine!

 #23 Be My Valentine!
6" by 6" original oil on gallery wrap canvas

I decided to have some fun with hearts today.  I started with a textured canvas and just followed my "heart".  Intuitive painting is very freeing.  I did several and really got into it!  Many people feel that the heart is like an extension of our brains holding memories and feelings.  Some people who have had heart transplants suddenly have urges for different foods and are drawn to new things and find that the donor loved those things.  So hearts really symbolize so much more than just the pump that gets the blood moving in our bodies.  They are at the center of our being and sharing our hearts with others is very special!
Today's when I was walking with Bailee, I was thoroughly enjoying the time out in the fresh air, said hello to some ladies passing by, and the next thing I knew, I was landing on the concrete on all fours.  Ouch.  I haven't been this banged up since falling off my bike as a child.  My inner ear gets a little funny this time of year so I will blame it on that.  Well...that was my day!  One good thing is that Bailee stayed with me.  Hope your day was a good one.  Tomorrow I go paint with my friend, Barbara Lively again and we are going to paint seahorses!  Thank you for stopping by! 

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