Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Clearing The Jetty

#22 Clearing The Jetty
5" by 7" original oil on panel

What a beautiful day it was today.  Bailee and I walked along oceanfront avenue and there was a line of sailboats on the horizon which inspired me to paint a sailboat.  I went sailing several times when I was in my twenties and have to admit that I enjoy watching sailboats from the distance more than being in one.
I just get motion sickness very easily but they sure are beautiful out on the sea and I am so lucky to be able to see them often now.
This weekend I will be part of two local shows.  One is Nansemond Suffolk which will be up for a week and you can go to the opening day on Saturday from 10 until 4.  The art work is from artists all around the region and there are some wonderful pieces!  I am also in the Norfok Collegiate Show which runs from Friday evening for a week also.   If you live locally, I hope you will stop out and see the shows!
I will be replacing this picture tomorrow during daylight and it will be less shiny!  Thanks for stopping by!

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