Saturday, January 28, 2012

Valentine By The Sea!

#26 Valentine By The Sea!
6" by 6" original oil on wrap around canvas

More fun with hearts!  While I was painting this one, a song was running through my head from an old movie I watched years ago...the movie was Me And My Gal and  I found a version of it on youtube.  Listen and see if you remember it.  It is amazing how a song from a musical from 1915 can still roll around in my head.  I watched it at a very young age much later when it was made into a movie of course! :-)  

I had a fund night last night at the Norfolk Collegiate Show!  I sold five paintings at the opening night.  Yeah!  Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend!  Thanks for checking in with me!

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1 comment:

Jerry Stocks said...

Congratulations on your big sale. My college's roommate daughter went to Norfolk Collegiate. Love your Heart on the Beach. Great painting!!!