Wednesday, April 25, 2012

#114 Sand Crab Adventure Seascape

#114  Sand Crab Adventure Seascape
14" by 18" original oil on canvas with sides painted

Today's theme for our painting group was seascapes with people.  I first saw these two boys on a trip to South Carolina.  They reminded me of when my boys were little and shared many an adventure on our trips to the ocean.  They loved the little sand crabs that are so speedy as they run along the beach and dig their way into the sand.  I loved playing with all the colors I saw in the water and the texture and movement in the water.  Capturing the moment that the children were experiencing together was great fun.  We all really enjoyed this theme and I  know with so much inspiration surrounding me that there will be more!  Have a wonderful day...hope you find time for some fun and adventure!

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