Wednesday, May 09, 2012

#128 Day Three Dreama's Workshop French Flower Market

#128 French Flower Market
12" by 12" original oil on canvas with sides painted

The party is wonderful it was to spend three days learning with Dreama and even though we are all so excited by what we learned and soaked up from one another, it was sad to say goodbye.  Today we worked on individual pieces.  In the morning we did a fun exercise where we switched easels and everyone got to paint on each other's painting. We would have about four minutes at each painting and then we would move one to the right.  It was very freeing and so fun to see how the last person had worked on the piece.  That will find a cherished spot in my studio as a remembrance of our time together.  In the afternoon I worked on  this street scene and working to keep shapes simple and the focus on the people and the flowers.  As I look now, I will probably add some yellow flowers in front of the two and do just a bit of tweaking before I leave for home tomorrow.  Last night, Susan and I went to a yoga class which was not something I have done for months so today I find myself happily exhausted from the workshop and dreaming of an epson salts bath....calgon take me away!!  What a treat it has been and I am so grateful for the time to spend with Susan, my fellow artists and of course, Dreama.  Awesome teacher and lovely person!  

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