Thursday, May 10, 2012

#129 Cupcake Delight! SOLD

#129 Cupcake Delight! SOLD
8" by 8" original oil on panel

On my last day in Cary, Susan taught her class at her studio and I worked on this cupcake using Dreama's technique of underpainting with transparents paints.  It was from a reference photo used in the class.  I had so much fun doing it...I am already planning a trip to the local cupcake place for my next subject...yummy!  After the class, I packed up my paints and headed back to the beach. It was fun to pick up Bailee from Petsmart Hotel.  She was freshly groomed and had a good report saying she ate well, slept well, and showed no signs of separation anxiety!  So what is up with the scratching of the paint off the door when I leave her to go to the grocery store?  I think she put on her best behavior for them!  Tonight, my son, Andrew came home from college for the summer so I am over the moon to have him here and to share the fun of being at the beach with him.  He is playing sand soccer tomorrow with some friends.  I will be going to yoga and getting busy in my studio!  Thanks for checking in with me.

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