Thursday, May 17, 2012

#137 Iris Delight!

#137 Iris Delight
6" by 6" original oil on panel


What a fast week!  Just came back from another yoga class which was called "Mellow" yoga.  If that was mellow...I won't be going to any intense classes any time soon!  I have been really working on painting more earlier in the day so I can have my evenings for dinner with Andrew while he is home for the summer and for evening yoga classes.  I was successful today and it felt great.  It also allows me to get a better photograph while it is day light.  I began this painting using transparents again as I learned in my workshop last week.  It allows the pure color to show through after the more opaque paint is put on and also shows in places that have not been covered at all with other paint.  At this point it feels like I have to focus more the whole way paying attention and being more mindful of each stroke but I think that it s good thing as it keeps it from being overworked.  Hope you have a fantastic Friday!  So happy you stopped by!

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