Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Fun With Buttons!


Today was spent painting some frames..sort of a shabby chic experiment.  The idea was to frame a canvas with chalkboard paint on it and don't ask me how but I ended up with three painted frames and two canvases with chalk board paint and none fit together!  So my plan to show it completed in my kitchen had to be shelved for the moment.  I did hang it and wrote notes to myself to take something out for dinner and give Bailee her medicine but it is not as pretty as I had hoped.  I am going to check behind a big piece of furniture in my studio tomorrow and hope to find a frame that is just the right size! One thing I did not is that it does not feel quite the same writing on a canvas with spring to it as it did on the old fashioned board.  Something to think about.  
So the rest of the day was spent doing some marketing and making collage buttons pictured above that take you to my print site if you click on the image!  This is one of them and if you check out the right side of my blog you can find it and click right to my images on imagekind.com where you can buy prints of my paintings!
Andrew and I also ate up at the Wyndham and got their real deal which was salmon cakes, rice pilaf and was garnished with an edible flower!  It was an orchid.  So pretty.

Can you tell I am having fun with my iPhone?

Tomorrow I will get back into painting with oils again!  Hope you have a great Wednesday!  Thanks for checking in with me!

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