Monday, June 04, 2012

The Next Chapter


So what could Rip Van Winkle and I have in common?

After posting 30 paintings in that many days since January, I too needed a good long nap!  I didn't quite sleep as long as 'ol Rip did but I did enjoy a couple of wonderful naps in the middle of the day with a lovely breeze blowing up from the ocean!  It was delightful!  I also gave my kitchen a much needed cleaning and left it sparkling with cleared off counters and fresh red zinger iced tea brewing.  Caught up on the laundry, mulched the flower bed, & spent time day dreaming about the next chapter...
With all this creative energy flowing again, I started a different painting project.

A chalkboard for my kitchen!  Tomorrow I will work on the frame and show how it looks hanging.

Next I painted a metal star for my garden shed wall.  It is a really pretty turquoise blue but isn't showing up well. I know...can't keep me away from the paint!

And my Android was beyond repair so I bought an IPHONE!  It is truly a
thing of beauty and a joy to behold!  Any favorite apps you would like to share? So far I have discovered Evernote which is good for capturing all those web sites, articles, photos, etc that you want to keep all in one place like a virtual notebook or scrapbook and I also heard of one that allows you to photograph and document and fax it to someone.  I am going to take a class at the Verizon store next week so I am sure I will be learning a lot more.

 I have heard back from Delilah Smith who won April's free painting giveaway.  She really wanted a cow so I will be sending this one her way tomorrow!

As soon as I hear back from May's winner, I will let you know.  If you have not
signed up yet for my newsletter to be eligible for the next free painting giveaway, please sign up at the top right of my blog!

While I am feeling a bit like Martha Stewart, I thought I would share a tip I learned on Facebook that vinegar is good for killing weeds in your garden or in the cracks of the sidewalk.  Much better than Roundup and harming so much of nature!
Have a wonderful Tuesday! 

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