Monday, September 22, 2014

Thirty Paintings In Thirty Days #21


5" by 7" original oil on canvas


I love painting "alla prima", which means all at once.  Or at lease finishing a painting in one day.  It is a challenge to work the paint while the layers are still wet but it also is very gratifying and a great sense of accomplishment.  It is one of the things that draws people to paint outside.  You have to work quickly before the light changes and the paintings remain fresh and the impression of the moment is not lost.  I like to work in my studio using photos for inspiration but feel the same excitement.  I have been enjoying this challenge of so many paintings in such a short period of time as it helps me to not over think my subject choices as well.  The point is to get in there and paint!  Even if it means you find yourself wearing the paint quite  bit!  

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