Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Thirty Paintings In Thirty Days! - Day Fourteen

Sweet Bella!

2.5 by 3.5

Today was a super busy day which began with an oil painting class that I teach at Town Center.  We did a paint along and then I had an acrylic class to teach at the Oceanfront.  When I came home I got back to painting after dinner.  I had hoped to post my painting from this morning which is an 18 by 24 but after working on it for awhile, I realized that I didn't want to rush it so that left me with a painting to do for my challenge.  I chose a baseball card size canvas and got to work on my favorite subject...a sweet cow named Bella.  After awhile, I realized I was holding my breath...hopefully tomorrow won't be quite as rushed. :-)  This will make a nice study for a larger piece.  I will repost in the morning after taking a less shiny picture in the daylight.  I only realized today that my mailing list was not receiving my blog daily blog posts for the entire challenge so far!  I took care of the problem which involved an email of mine that went inactive.  So sorry for the lapse.  Have a wonderful day!

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