Friday, April 10, 2015



© Norma Wilson, oil on canvas, 20" by 20"


This was my first time painting a rose and it was quite a challenge.  I painted a smaller rose with my 

class and it was a little more loose and impressionistic.  I wanted to do a larger size as I enjoyed it so 

much.  I can't do puzzles to save my life but love to piece together details in more complex

subjects.  It must be a different skill but it always mystifies me.  

All the animals were napping before their trip to Norfolk Academy for the upcoming art show.  They 

will be ready to view on April 25th if you live locally and want to attend the show.  I will post more 

details soon.  Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!


Chris Lally said...

Beautiful painting! And I hope your animals find good homes!!

Norma Wilson said...

Thanks so much Chris!