Thursday, July 16, 2015



© Norma Wilson, oil on canvas 10" by 10"


This piece sold to a collector up in Onancock at The Red Queen Gallery.  If you are ever visiting Onancock which is a beautiful town on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, stop in and at the gallery and tell Maryann, the gallery owner, that I sent you!  I thought I would show a few of the stages of development .  

First I toned the canvas using some pinks, purples, and blues just to get rid of the white canvas and to make things more interesting.  I sometimes do this with acrylic paint and sometimes with thinned light oil washes.  I used acrylic here and then jumped in with oil establishing the darks and then where my lightest lights would be.  The fun was just beginning.  Don't ask me why I like doing fur so much cause things got pretty wooly!

I add the green for the background and have fun using some in the fur to give everything a cohesive feeling and because green is more fun than beige.  

Continuing to play with lights and darks and creating the look of texture.  At some point the animal starts to come to life for me and I begin to channel Dr. Doolittle and start talking to the animals!  I think that is a perfect thing to close with so I will leave you with......


Sue Marrazzo said...

So NICE to see!
Congrats to YOU, too!!!

Chris Lally said...

What a fun post! Love the painting and that sweet video!