Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Importance Of Having Your Own Website

Sparrow In The Light

© Norma Wilson, original oil on canvas 6" by 6"

This little miniature is currently in the last hours of auction on If you click on the link above you can put in your bid. It is at a very low price so give it a try!

So why should artists have a web site? Well, most importantly, you need a place to exhibit your paintings and give people the opportunity to buy. I have been a member of or since 2007. It is an artists web site designed and run by artists. They have beautiful templates to choose from and it is SO easy to just upload your photos and information.  So much has changed since 2007 with so many options online now but I have still remained loyal to FASO because they have produced a really good product and have unsurpassed customer service. I use their help....alot! I have done special pages for time limited sales. I have wanted to personalize the way I wanted my pet portraits page to look and added my blog from another platform, blogspot, to my web site and also my print store on imagekind now is accessable directly from my web site. They have monthly art contests with prizes and good marketing advice and much more. You can choose a template that is compatible with cell phones with is really important these days when many people are looking up web sites on their phone when they are on the go. I have their gold plan which is their highest plan and have been very pleased. Twelve years without changing says a lot about this group and you can have a free month to give it a try. Tell them I sent you. Yes, I can get a free month if you sign up but I would send you there anyway. Once you have your web site and you get your business cards you are well on your way to being a professional. Next, you have to send people to your site. Nothing beats word of mouth and YOU promoting your work.  Go to for more info!

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