Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Taking On Commissions


"I'd rather paint what I want and not do commissions." This is a commonly expressed thought among many artists and I have had my moments when gripped with those gremlins of doubt or worry of meeting expectations. I have learned to ignore those darn gremlins and the joy of accomplishing the job and getting wonderful feedback from a client who is thrilled with the painting is well worth it! I would say that a third of my painting efforts are devoted to doing commissioned paintings especially around the holidays. Pet portraits done from a photo provided by a client are especially fun. I love animals. If my landlord allowed I would have a menagerie. Instead, I enjoy being surrounded for a time by other people's pets in the form of paint and canvas. Beatrice was a commission by a collector for her neighbor's birthday. She took the photo on the sly and contacted me. I can't imagine a more special personal gift. She was very touched. Send me an email for more information. Thank you for checking in with me. Hope you have a great day!

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