Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Norma Wilson Original Oil Floral Garden Flowers Painting Art

Dancing Divas!


 © Norma Wilson, original oil on canvas 6" by 6"

Love the light on these sweet flowers and how they seem to be dancing! O.k. so you have to use your imagination. :-) As I am SO VERY excited to be back in my home after six years of beach and then city life, each day is so special as I appreciate things such as having my own garden again. I have oodles of space for new plantings but out front I still have a few perennials that made it through the six years that I was away and renters who didn't quite love them as much as I do. I took a picture today of my first Shasta daisies standing tall by my front steps! I have been talking to an expert in native plants for our
area and hope to add some more to the front soon. Perhaps some wild azaleas and ferns.
I didn't even know the value of using native plants and just how many common flowers and shrubs are not native to our area. Less water, fertilizer, and pesticides are just a few
benefits. And the bees, insects and birds are happier too. See how much my life is enriched by having a garden again?

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