Saturday, July 29, 2017

Norma Wilson Original Pastel English Robin Bird Painting

"Ready For Take Off!"

 © Norma Wilson, original pastel on canvas  5" by 7"

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It has been at least ten years since I broke out my pastels and decided to paint with them.  Early on in my art career, I painted exclusively in pastel.  When I started painting in oils, I decided to devote my time to learning and growing as an oil painter and then made several moves that afforded me less space to work in several mediums.  I stuck to acrylic and oil. Now that I am home to my house in Chesapeake, I can spread out and have plenty of room! So I set up a pastel room. Below is the block in stage on a pastel board. I like to get some base colors that I see established and build from there. Usually after the main colors are in, I begin to work the darks more building up from there in a back and forth way adding in nuances of color and adjusting my drawing as needed.  It was amazing how comfortable I felt after being away from pastels so long.

I am excited to do more this week. As you can see, I had more than a few pastels 
just waiting for me to dive back in!

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