Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Black Cow In The Light

Black Cow In The Light is a 12 by 12 oil done of stretched canvas with wrap around sides and no staples so it could be hung unframed or put in a frame of your choice. It is currently on auction on eBay and you can find it in my store by clicking on my link. This is my first all black cow but actually had quite a bit of color in the light....rick dark chocolate and blue highlights. I really develop a fondness for each cow as I paint them. I spent all day in the studio today working on a couple of oils including this one and also on a pastel portrait that will be delivered to its owner this week. Tomorrow will be another busy day with a student and work on another pet portrait. If you would like any information on this or any other pieces on my blog or in my store, please e-mail me at nswilsonandco@cox.net
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