Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Colorful Irish Cow

Colorful Irish cow is my introduction to larger paintings...especially the cow portraits. I had written that I would be doing a 24 by 24 and when I looked in my inventory for that size....I realized that I must have dreamed picking up that size the other day at Jerry's Artarama. I do that a lot at the grocery store. I'll have my hand on the item and something shifts in my brain and when I get home...I have the wrong thing! I think I need to get a free bottle of that focus factor! The 24 by 24 will be coming but this size is a nice size too and I really had fun with this one with the light and colors I saw and had fun exaggerating. Enjoy! To bid on this item, please click on my eBay store link! Thanks for stopping by.

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