Friday, December 28, 2007

Norma Wilson Original Oil Baltimore Oriole Bird Art

6" by 8" original oil on wrap around canvas

Today's post is another in my new bird series. I love the colors of this bird and its strong contrasts. Today was a busy day working on taxes as the year draws to a close. I am trying to get a head start on gathering all of my information for my business this past year. Hope your holidays are going well. I have been enjoying all the fun around the house. My son got a George Foreman Grill for Christmas and we have been enjoying some delicous dinners with meat from Omaha Steaks. Tonight I marinated some chicken breasts and was saving some on the counter for my son to come home from playing indoor soccer. When he returned we discovered that his black lab, Brewsky, had eaten well as the cat's dinner! He is sleeping well now. Sean had ramen soup. The cat is not happy. Thanks for stopping by!Click to Bid!

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