Saturday, May 09, 2009

Tabby Cat Up Close

Tabby Cat Up Close

I'm back! I think this is the longest I have gone since I started this blog without posting! I have had some exciting changes going on with my art business and needed to focus on them for a bit and I also had family visiting. I have two new galleries that are showing my work!! One is in Richmond called Gallery 5800 and the other is here in Norfolk called Bonnie Arnold's. Gallery 5800 has a web site but doesn't have my work up on it yet. If you are in the Richmond area, you can stop by to see them. It is a beautiful gallery and a great area to shop and get a bite to eat. I will be adding links to my blog for both. Bonnie Arnold's is carrying my pet portraits. This one is going to there this week. If you are down in Ghent....stop by and visit. She is on West 21st street near Colonial. She has an interior designer on site, beautiful local art, jewelry and accessories for your home. If you are interested in having a portrait of your pet done and don't live in Norfolk, you can contact me by e-mailing me at for more information!
I also spent time with Dorothy Fagan learning how to work my new fine art printer and photoshop which I have had for two years now and had no idea what it is capable of doing!
I am happy to be back in the swing of things and the paint is flying again!
Next weekend, my son, Sean, is graduating from Virginia Tech. I am so proud of him!

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Roxanne Steed said...

Congrats on all the exciting news!! You've been really busy!!! Love this kitty, too!!