Saturday, June 13, 2009

Norma Wilson Original Oil Valentia Cow Cattle Art

Valentia Neighbor Cow

I REALLY had fun with this painting after being out of my studio for several days attending to my home which sorely needed some attention. Keeping it all in balance is quite a challenge but I know I am not alone in that. I worked most of the day so I can take off tomorrow and go to a friend's pool party. So back to this friend Barbara send along some pictures of her new "friend" she had met on a walk...this beautiful cow which grazes near her home. I began with brushes and then switched to a palette knife and at the end did some finishing touches with a brush again. You will be seeing the other piece I worked on today when I do my post tomorrow. I also spent time on a commissioned piece. Hope your weekend has been restorative and enjoyable!
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Laura Dietrick said...

Norma, this dude looks like a really mellow fellow!