Sunday, March 07, 2010

Norma Wilson Original Oil Sunflower Bouquet Floral Still Life Art

Sunflowers Aglow Stage 1

14" by 18" original oil on wrap around canvas with sides painted

Today was a day filled with many activities but not as much time in my studio as I had hoped so this painting is going to be completed in stages. I decided to photograph the progress rather than not posting again! I sure have had a lot going on lately and have an exciting trip planned for a few days this week to celebrate my birthday and to see Michael Buble in concert so I will not post again until Friday unless I have time tomorrow evening. The sunflowers will have to wait to be finished to completion. If you are interested in purchase information on any of my works, contact me at I will have my blackberry with me while away.
I have been in a bit of a funk painting wise....I know other artists can relate so if anyone has any suggestions or painting inspiration ideas...please drop me a line. I am hoping my time away will give me new perspective and you never know.....maybe I will be painting Michael Buble! Tha's not a bad idea.....