Monday, August 09, 2010

Cow's Got The Blues! SOLD

 Cow's Got The Blues!

12" by 12" original oil on wrap around canvas with sides painted.

  • I remember my first art teacher describing an apple I was painting and pointing out all the colors in the, purple, yellow, green....and I'm thinking all I see is a red apple!  She assured me that in time, I would start seeing colors and sure enough...I did and I actually started falling asleep seeing colors and finding rainbows on everyday objects...pretty cool stuff.  Now as artists, we can exaggerate those colors or even change them up as long as we keep the values the same as what we see or the degree of light and dark in the object.  The next time you see a black dog, cat, or cow, check out the fur and see if you don't see a bit of blue or purple! 
  • Don't you hate if when someone sends you a bad link in an e-mail or you find one in someones blog??? Well, apparently I was guilty of that again!  In my last post, I had some errors with my links and on one on the left column for my web site.  Hopefully they are all fixed now, thanks to one of my readers who is keeping me on my toes! I am sorry for the confusion!  
  • I am still working on the new pages at the top for my available paintings.  I actually have more than it shows but the link on the sidebar shows more of them.  They just don't all have the buy it now buttons.  Please contact me with questions.  I also offer multiple purchase discounts so ask me about that when you write and other payment options. 
  • I am trying to include something new I learned each day that I am posting and what I came up with is a new way to fix a turkey sandwich.  Actually, my son, Andrew was fixing one for himself and I asked if he could make me one and bring it up to my studio where I was painting.  I was turkey on rye with jalapeno cheese, banana peppers, and a minute or so melting the cheese in the toaster oven.  Ooowee that was good.  Hit the spot.  
  • I am also looking for studio tips to share.  Artist's helping artists are doing a radio show about it this Thursday.  Have a wonderful Tuesday!
  •  Also, some of you might have received your daily post by e-mail with a link not working properly.  I had upgraded my account and there was something that I needed to add and that has been taken care of...sorry
  • about that snafoo also!
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Roxanne Steed said...

You always capture the true nature of these gentle creatures...and the beautiful color reflections in their dark fur!

凱許倫 said...

may the blessing be always with you!!............................................................