Friday, August 06, 2010

SOLDSavannah Buggy Ride

  • 6" by 6" original oil on artist's board. This is another painting from my series of paintings from my trip to Savannah.  It was such a delightful trip with so much to see and the trolleys and horse and carriages everywhere.  I loved to hear the horses going clopety clop outside the bedroom window.  
  • Today was a busy day working on my blog and teaching at Harbor's Edge.  I added to new pages to my blog.  They are both a work in progress but it is a start anyway.  The comments are just a few that I had bookmarked and the available paintings has a link to my web site where I have most of my available pieces and I will add the rest tomorrow. I also did some updating of my web site.
  • I am to think each day of anything new I have learned to share and one tip is for artists.  I learned that you can clean brushes with vegetable oil!  I am planning to travel again in a couple of weeks on a plane and did not want to search for my turpenoid natural that I usually use so this will come in handy.  If you have anything new you would like to share...please comment below this link.  
  •  This weekend I will be working on my newsletter.  If you haven't already subscribed to it you can do it at my web site link above!  Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing time this weekend and do something fun!  


Roxanne Steed said...

one tip to share... my favorite thing (if you haven't heard already) is using baby-wipes to clean the paint off your hands. It's so much easier on your skin than solvents! Baby your hands babe!

Dianne said...

Lovely painting of a lovely subject...