Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Horse Dreams

Horse Dreams
6" by 6" original oil on panel
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   When I was a little girl growing up in Philadelphia in a row house surrounded by concrete...I read every book I could get my hands on about horses and dreamed of owning my own.  We had a small one car garage and one dream was that I woke to find my Dad had surprised me with my own horse using our garage as a stable!
   We had a park not too far from the house with a creek and I saw myself riding my horse with our hair blowing in the wind!  The dream of my own horse never came to fruition but I have had some wonderful
opportunities to ride in Ireland, England, Mexico, California, and Texas!  Puerta Vallarta was the most fun.  The horses were very tame which is to my liking but we were able to ride up into the Sierra Madre with a guide and it was quite the adventure.  So, now as an artist, I can paint horses too! They sure are beautiful creatures!
   Hope you had a good weekend this Memorial Day weekend.  I had a great time at a cookout with friends and also working on projects around the house.  I painted my doors in my studio and some of the furniture.  Hope to get some pictures of it finished up here on my blog.  It sure is a much more inspirational space then it was before!  I have been having fun adding some more plants to my garden too.  I planted my hydrangeas, shasta daisies, and a lemon drop plant.  I really have the bug.
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