Friday, May 27, 2011

Work In Progress..

 Work In Progress...
12" by 16"

I had to smile when I typed this title...when ever I get frustrated with myself with all my quirks and imperfections, I have to tell are just a work in progress!  Hopefully making some headway!
This painting was started today during my time painting with Scott London.  He was working on a beautiful Irish landscape in palette knife and I just got started drawing this one in and then blocking in the main colors.  I still have much work to do but I got a good start.  I began with a white canvas and used a small brush and a little burnt sienna paint with thinned with turpenoid and quickly sketched in the horizon line, marsh area, shrimp boat and poles and then painted in what is called the local color.  Next painting session I will concentrate more on the value changes within each shape and adding more depth and texture.  It won't be until the end that I will add some of the wonderful details like all the masts and cool parts of the boat.  I did this scene about a year ago as a small study and I look forward to delving into it a bit more.  Hope you have a super duper weekend!  I am going to spend tomorrow on some house projects and have a pool party to go to on Sunday. 

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Jerry Stocks said...

Great beginning and you know how I love shrimp boats. Can't wait to see the finished piece.

Norma Wilson said...

Hi Jerry...I know you are familiar with this very boat! They sure are pretty and in such a pretty spot!