Wednesday, October 05, 2011


12" by 12" original oil on canvas

Well, it has taken me awhile to get back to painting!  I have been busy getting my new life at the beach all
set up...still painting walls and decorating, walking Bailee, and started yoga classes too!  Last week I painted with Barbara and Scott London at his gallery on Colley Avenue called London Square Gallery.  I worked on a painting of a bog in Ireland close to where Barbara lives for part of the year in Valnetia
but have not finished it.  I really was kind of afraid to paint again since it has been so long and felt like after thismove, that I needed to paint something of the beach.  My friends, Adele, and Claudia came for our Tuesday painting in my studio and Adele was painting a dog so I finally broke through and started on the same dog so I could get in the swing again.  I do LOVE painting animals.  Anyway, I had fun!!!  And that is what it is all about!  This time of year people love to have their pets painted and I have kept busy in previous years working on many a pet so if you have a furry friend that you would like me to paint or you love Boots and want to give him a home.... send me an email at!

I would love to share some of the sights that I have enjoyed on my walks and a picture from my new beach cottage too!

My shabby chic piece of furniture in progress....

Fun in my studio with friends, Claudia, and Adele!

In closing...Bailee's thoughts on her new life at the beach......

Well...if she ever wakes up long enough...I will ask her about them! :-)  She does seem to enjoy our walks....

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