Thursday, October 06, 2011

Nuthatch for You!

Nuthatch For You!
                            6" by 6" original oil on wrap around canvas with sides painted black

    This little bird was inspired by a visitor to my blog who was looking for a painting of a nuthatch so I decided to paint one!  I saw a bit of blue in this one so I decided to exaggerate the colors I saw and orange too giving it an exciting complimentary scheme. What a miracle birds are going about their business with song and such lightness in their step and inspiring freedom when they take flight!  I sure do enjoy painting them.
     It is a beautiful day here in Virginia Beach.  It is windy and sunny so when I got up to the beach, the ocean was very choppy this morning.  Bailee wanted no part of it as the waves were making too much noise!  My grandpuppy Jet is going to spend the day with me next week so it should be an experience with trying to coax Bailee closer to the ocean and keep Jet, the LAB, from pulling me into the waves! I may have to do separate trips... I love to watch the labs with their owners who can't get enough of the water and fetching balls and sticks. 
It is always different!
Hope you have a beautiful day...I always appreciate you stopping by to visit and love to read your comments!

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