Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Schnauzer To The Rescue!

Schnauzer To The Rescue!
10" by 10" original oil

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I entered my studio today with the hopes of diving in and painting all day.  I avoided it all morning and by the time I got up there....I had my self so worked up about it that you would have thought I was about to do brain surgery!  I have just really psyched myself out after being away so long and have been unsure of what direction to take and on and on.  I looked around my room and my eyes rested on this painting that I had done some time ago.  I have always loved the face but wasn't happy with the green background that seemed to strong a contrast to the softness of the gray fur and the light in the eyes bothered me.  So I picked it up and set out some paints and got to work.  I started with cerulean blue and softened it a bit with orange and white to make a soothing grayed blue for the background and worked it into the hair a bit and softened the edges.  I worked on her eyes and felt very tickled that I had started painting again.  I also worked on a cow that I had done awhile back and the whole experience helped me know what supplies I was missing and I decided to make a run to my favorite store, Jerry's Artarama.  I may have to ease back into painting and allow the process lead me instead of me leading it for now!
My new life at the beach continues to unfold with the walks on the beach being the highlight of each day.  Bailee and I went on a walk the other morning and saw the most beautiful sunrise!  I got so excited when the sun came popping up and also couldn't believe how many other people had come down to watch it.  What a great way to start the day! 

Since moving to the beach, I found a great yoga studio that is at the oceanfront and have loved getting back into practicing yoga.  When you walk into the yoga studio, they have a framed newsletter article about a master yoga teacher who is also a dancer and is 92 years young!  She has been teaching yoga for 45 years.  I found it very encouraging as I am really wanting to focus my energy on yoga now in my "middle" age.  It is really possible to do anything....just gotta keep working through the fear and never give up!

Even as I child...I couldn't do this but...you NEVER know!  It sure feels good to stretch and have goals!  This is the view from the yoga class.  On Saturday I saw a group of dolphins playing in the surf!  What an ideal setting for such a calming practice.  I think the dolphins were doing their own form of yoga!

                Bailee....doing her couch yoga.....she is really into gentle yoga...
                Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.  Thanks for checking in with me.  <3

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